Special memberships

Membership options for freelance journalists, students and communications professionals.

新萄京娱乐 recognises that our sectors are constantly changing, and as our industries evolve, we are developing innovative new membership types to cater for your needs.

Freelance Pro membership includes professional indemnity and public liability insurance, contract advice, a media access card, a trustmark and accredited media law training.

Student Media membership gives you access to 新萄京娱乐 and Walkleys networking and skills development events such as training and functions, helping you make the transition from hopeful outsider to well-connected insider.

CommsPro is for modern communications professionals including media and public relations officers, social media officers, digital communicators, copywriters, website or multimedia producers, speechwriters and combinations of those jobs. Membership includes access to quarterly skills workshops and career development days, activities and advocacy to win and protect good jobs in our sector.